Medicine and Herbal Extraction

Ion exchange resins are widely used in traditional pharmaceutical industry. The working principle includes extraction, separation, purification of active ingredients, mask of unwanted taste, decoloration of pigments and removal of impurities.

Some specific industry application includes the chromatographic separation of biomolecules, recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, DNA, viruses, and peptides. The particle size of our resin products provides superior resolution for unprecedented impurity clearance.

Specialised ion-exchange resins can satisfy various requirements for solidified medicine carriers, such as enzyme vector resin. These resins feature larger pore volume, higher specific surface area, higher load, better mechanical properties and higher durability.

Herbal Extraction and cosmetics

In herbal medicine there are a number of ways of extraction of botanical essential oils and key hydrophilic components. Our range of ion exchange resins are used for extraction of bio-active compounds and antioxidants from plants and herbs and can achieve good results.

Similar to the pharmaceutical industry, the scope of applications of the resins in cosmetics includes the extraction of saponin, flavonoids, alkaloids and also pigments for decolouration and impurity removal.

The requirements for pharmaceutical production are obviously very stringent. We are able to provide series of resin products to maximize the efficiency of producing ultra-pure water for use and sterilization.

Industrial water treatment, metal recovery, etc