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Ion exchange resins are increasingly being used in hydrometallurgical extraction of rare metals and precious metals. For example, in copper mining, due to some process limitations the current technology enables the recovery of only 75-85 percent of dissolved copper from the ore. The use of ion exchange as a supplementary process could improve the extraction rate by 5-10 percent and minimise some issues in the existing process.

Ion exchange resins are particularly suitable for extracting separated metals from low grade minerals and tailings leaching or slurry. They play important roles in separating metals with similar properties.

How does it work?

The hydrometallurgical process for the treatment of precious metal ores consisted essentially of leaching in cyanide solution followed by solid-liquid separation, with the solid residues being washed as efficiently as possible, and the leach liquor being treated by zinc cementation to recover the precious metals.

Research has been carried out to develop routes to high efficiency ion exchange resins which would perform much better than currently available materials in terms of their high metal ion capacity, fast exchange kinetics and metal ion selectivity.

We offer a range of metal extraction resins for different solution environments. The resins come with different particle sizes depending on the operating process, high mechanical strength, stable physical and chemical properties, and long service life.

Typical application

Gold extraction

Nickel and Copper Removal from acid solution

Platinum and Palladium recovery

Industrial water treatment, metal recovery, etc