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Biodiesel purification

Biodiesel production is becoming a promising method to produce renewable fuel. A part of this technology is to use ion exchange resins as a dry-wash cleaner.

Dry washing is the process of washing reacted Biodiesel of its contaminants before it’s ready for use without using any water. These contaminants include trace amounts of methanol, soap, glycerin, catalysts, and anything else that isn’t Biodiesel. Soap and glycerin impurities in the biodiesel can lead to engine wear and fuel storage problems.

Traditionally, soap and glycerin are removed from the biodiesel by water washing.  Water washing has several disadvantages such as producing large amounts of waste water that requires treatment. Recently, alternative “waterless”purification procedures such as ion-exchange resins have been used. It makes the purification of crude biodiesel a more cost effective process. We offer ion-exchange resin that can remove biodiesel impurities effectively with ease of use. This is a new strategy for Biodiesel cleaner.

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